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via gaetano morgera n. 72, Ischia

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Ring Hostel


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This is THE place to enjoy the real Ischia vibe! Run by 3 Italian brothers, the Ring Hostel was established in 2002 and continues to be the only original hostel on the island. Located right in the historic centre of Forio, 5min from the port, where tiny roads and buzzing Vespa's will lead you to our

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If you arrive in Ischia Port, get off the Ferry, go to the bus station (approx. 100 metres) take the #1, #2, or CS bus to Forio. Get off at bus stop #55. (The Port of Forio is on your right).
Look across the Street for the Captain Morgan Biglietteria (Ferry ticket office). Now, follow the instructions below, “Facing the Biglietteria.”

If you arrive in Forio Port, (with the port behind you) cross the road to where the Captain Morgan ferry ticket office is. To the left of the ticket office is Via Cesare Calise - follow this road up until you reach a small piazza with a couple of shops and restaurants (La Strambata being one of them). Continue up the road until you reach a 4way intersection (you should see a shoe shop on the corner), carry on straight up the road (Via Roma), you will pass a clothing shop on your right and further up, a florist on your left. Ahead you should see a multipurpose store and when you approach, to the left of the shop on the wall you will see a blue Ring Hostel sign - this is Via Gaetano Morgera - follow this road all the way up until you see the yellowish building with our signage on the wall....you have arrived!.

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Ischia has the nickname of 'The Emerald Island' and once you visit, you will understand why. The most beautiful and the biggest island in the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is one of the most famous seaside and touristic spa centers of Italy and even of the world. It is also famous for its unparalleled natural beauty, for it's therapeutic thermal waters, clear turquoise sea, vast beaches, handmade ceramics, delicious mediterranean food and lastly for the unique wine.

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Please note: Cancellation policy 24 hours. If you arrive after midnight please give us a call. ( 0039 ) 3394702996